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Closure of ‘Wearings’ of Helston

George Wearing is closing the door to his Helston shop. George had been retailing in Helston for close to Twenty years and had also offered a ‘Repair Call-out’ service. George had provided a great service to Helston and the surrounding area and will be sadly missed. He is a personal friend of our’s at A1 Appliances and we all wish him the very best in his well-earned retirement (once he actually does stop!) His engineer Kevin will be coming to work for us at A1 and we will increase our presence in the area to meet the needs of the locals. We will carry out repairs to all Domestic Appliances in your home and will be able to supply ‘Freestanding’ and ‘Built-in’ appliances. A large range of new and the occasional ‘Refurbished’ appliances are always available for our express delivery service with which we can offer installation if required. ‘Bowdens’ Hardware shop will be expanding their range of goods to help fill the gap the closure will leave. In the near future they will also act as an agent for A1 taking in portable appliances for repair. The number won’t change…just give us a call on 01326 569090, or our own numbers 210739 and 314600.

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