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Indesit it50ca cooker shelf

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Indesit it50ca cooker shelf

Measurements: (D) 389mm X (W) 403mm

Suitable to fit the following models:

IT50C1X, K300EG, ID50C1K, K342GX/G, ID50C1W, IT50CA, K300EX/G, K344E.CX/G, ID50E1W, IT50CM, K301E.CX/G, K344EX/G, ID50E1X, IT50CW, K301EX/G, K344GX/G, IS50D1X, IT50D1X, K30EW/G, K344GXG, IS50E1X, IT50DW, K31E.CW/G, K34GW/G, IS50EA, IT50E1X, K31EW/G, K3C36(X)/G, IS50EW, IT50EA, K340GW/G, K3C8V.A/G, IS50G1X, IT50EM, K341GW/G, K3C8V.BA/G, IS50GW, IT50EW, K342EX/G, K3C8V.BX/G, KD3E1MG, K3C8VW/G, K3G2(W)/GB, KD3C1(W)/G, KD3G11(X)/G, K3C8VX/G, K3G21(X)/G, KD3C11(X)/G, KD3G11S(X)/G, K3E1(A)/IR, K3G21S(X)/IR, KD3C3(K)/G, KP900CX, K3E1(W)/G, K3G21XG, KD3C3WG, KP900GX, K3E11(X)/G, K3G2S(W)/G, KD3E1(A)/IR, KP902CX, K3E1WG, K3G2WG, KD3E1(W)/G, KP902GX, K3G11(X)/G, KD3C1(A)/G, KD3E11(X)/G, K3G11S(X)/G, KD3C1(M)G


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bin b34


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