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Safety Awareness

Electrical Appliance Safety Tips


Tumble Dryers

Never run an appliance of a night or if no one is home!

1. After each use

Clean the fluff or lint filter

Condenser dryers- drawer at top or base requires cleaning/emptying

2. Every 6 months

Vacuum the areas where the lint or fluff builds up

Vacuum heater area, Blower housing and vent pipe connection

Check external vent if one is fitted

Condenser dryers clean and vacuum condenser unit at base of machine (this will have water in it)

3. Once a year

Remove and check vent pipe for fluff or lint and any exterior vent cover

Never overload the tumble dryer or put items in that may have come in to contact with flammable liquids

Make sure the vent pipe if fitted is not kinked, blocked or crushed

Check the mains cable is OK with no cuts/splits or crushed anywhere

Check the plug and socket for signs of overheating/burn marks

If using a extension lead (not advisable) make sure it is fully unwound as this can overheat

Have it serviced regularly by a qualified engineer

4. Don’t ignore the warning signs

Does it smell of burning ?

Are your clothes taking longer to dry ? Especially heavy items such as towels

Do the clothes or cabinet feel hotter than usual after it has finished the cycle ?

Does the external flap stay shut when dryer is running ?

If you notice any of the above then thoroughly check the dryer following the steps listed !

If in Doubt unplug the machine and CLICK HERE to call an Engineer out!

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